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Getting "Hyped" For Summer

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hobart’s newest gym facility on the eastern shore is bursting with energy. Offering unique classes and tailored personal training options, the welcoming community and encouraging staff members give an experience money can’t buy.

Previously BRO Fit – nestled uncomfortably behind Meal Machines in Rosny next to the Village Cinemas complex – Hype Gym is BRO’s gorgeous, bustling butterfly emerging from its chrysalis after years of exponential growth and success, and therefore, the need for a new location was warranted.

Not to be confused with the New York City facility of the same name, you would be hard-pressed to mistake this Hype Gym, with its inviting, family-friendly appeal located at Unit 6/1 Stanton Place in Cambridge Park – directly off Kennedy Drive – the 230-square metres of space caters to all fitness levels.

Hype stands out from the rest with its predominantly class-based options and emphases high-energy, precision movements in a comfortable, supporting and egoless environment. Strength and Conditioning are a staple on a Monday and Wednesday, accentuating correct posture and form while throwing around heavy weights, where Metcon, an intense cardio-based class with differing intensities and activities, occupies Tuesdays.

Thursdays are reserved for the uniquely challenging ZUU – one of the most gruelling classes on the schedule targeting bodyweight movements – while Fridays are a mix of Boxing and cardio, and Saturdays are Team Throwdowns where small groups encourage one another in an assortment of activities. Sundays are always for rest, however, the newly scheduled Yoga class is a great way to iron out the weekly kinks.

Whichever time suits your busy schedule, there’s a class for everyone. From the crack of dawn at 5:15am, the most dedicated members get their training in while their partner and kids sleep, for example, returning just in time for a feed or the morning school run, while the typical teachers or public servants attend at 6am, still dusting sleep from their eyes.

If that’s too early, or afternoon/nightshifts makes up your working schedule, the 9:30am class may be more appropriate. For those truly dedicated double-dippers or those who aren’t morning people at all and value a sleep-in, the 5-6pm and 6-7pm classes will have you sweating and quivering before dinner.

Officially open now for just over a month, owners Lou Robertson, Ed Roberts and Beck Burns mention that, despite BRO’s success over the last few years, the adjustment to the larger space and influx of new members at Hype was overwhelming at first, but they are finding their feet now.

With some difficult challenges in the transition – with Beck heavily pregnant and limited in her assistance – Ed mentions the back-and-forth with the local Council regarding typical regulations also took its time.

In wanting to put together Hype as you see it now on their own, Lou, Ed and Beck never officially asked for help, but the nature of the thankless community of dedicated members were always lending their services. Namely, Ben Scott and his handyman skills attributed to a lot of the foundations and smaller details like shower/toilet facilities and fans, televisions and mirrors, while Morgan Norris weaved her magic on flatpack duty.

Behind many of the success stories of people changing their lives for the better, improving themselves both mentally and physically through the aid of physical fitness, the three owners/trainers communally agree on the intrinsically rewarding impact their jobs have on members.

Beck mentions there is “nothing as rewarding or fun” than being the centrepiece for others’ change, while Ed excitingly acknowledges the ability to “[help] others achieve their goals no matter how big or small, is epic.” Lou also seconds this, stating, “there’s nothing better than seeing people change their lives for the better, knowing I was a small part of that.”

Individually, head trainer Lou – the multiple World Record-holding, self-proclaimed “Burpee Queen” – brings an unmatched amount of energy and flair to Hype that is unseen within the industry and can both encourage and torture participants in an oddly humbling way.

Having broken no less than 15 bones in her short lifetime, she’s constantly pushing herself and her body to new heights through her own training, seeking out another World Record in the coming months. Through the bettering of herself, Lou believes she can help to better others, and with the spacious facility she has now, the growing number of regular PT clients or daily class members can see her pushing everyone to be their best.

Ed is the second head trainer and emphasises discomfort in bringing out the most within his subjects in a humbled, no-nonsense manner. Engulfed in the industry for more than seven years, Ed was an avid trainer at BRO, all while running his own successful bootcamp business called Outdoor Ed. It’s the responsibility of now co-owning Hype that has brought him on the path he’s sought out since he was a teenager.

In his laidback nature and impeccable tan, Ed’s dedication to his large client base and bringing a lot of Outdoor Ed alumni to Hype has attributed to much of the new facility’s bulging line-up of members. With so much room to move and constantly pushing his own fitness goals, it’s no wonder he’s out tackling mountains or switching off in a float pod to relax and unwind.

Finally, Beck – the endearing adhesive that keeps Hype ticking over – is currently on maternity leave, keeping herself busy with the gorgeous little Inka, as well as two cheeky toddlers in Indi and Bella, and a handful of newly acquired goats. Juggling motherhood, Beck is still able to keep a watchful eye on the finances, scheduling and behind-the-scenes management of the gym.

Mentioning the difficulty of dabbling in random jobs, Beck has finally found the career she’s been searching for, and in keeping people happy and healthy through strength and fitness, there is nothing more rewarding or fun than seeing people hit their goals. Amongst the admin and family time, Beck’s beach walks and camping trips all keep her grounded and modest.

With over 100 members, it’s a lot of people to be directing, and in regular assistance with daily classes, facilitating accountability and demonstrating complex movements, a handful of staff lend their time, supporting those new and existing individuals and further embedding themselves into the Hype lifestyle.

The likes of Nat Frankcombe, a deadly Jiu-Jitsu black belt with the kindest heart, Lee Dredge, who is still training like she’s 10kgs lighter, carrying a tiny human inside her the whole time, and Meg Turner, all drop-in across their own busy schedules to lend a hand.

Additionally, partners in crime Sarah Catford and Gerard Wood will also be running a brand new, state-of-the-art sauna facility within the gym’s space named Hype Recovery. Used in conjunction with regular classes or as a method of stretching and recovery, this area with be available for members-only to relax and unwind, all while basking in the heat and mesmerising light show.

In the lead-up to summer and the Christmas/New Years period, there is no better time to get amongst a community of like-minded individuals. With testimonies from a handful of new and existing members, warming messages of support and encouragement flow through after the tough workouts, and a common theme keeps people coming back.

Erin, a previous member of BRO Fit, did a one-week trial over six months ago and never looked back. Finding herself attending a few times a week at the much more spacious Hype, she states, “the team environment and support [is] fabulous…making new friends and finding my new gym family.”

Sam outlines the holistic benefits of getting up early, bringing her newborn to a safe, family-friendly facility, and how getting the body moving grants her “‘me time’, which is so important for my physical and mental health.”

“Kind, caring and encouraging”, as well as the community spirit and “positive vibes” are what keeps Donna coming back, and Sally can’t stop going on about the “fantastic and supportive atmosphere and great community” that has gifted her so many friends over her time within the two facilities.

With many options for interested and prospective members, Hype’s Instagram and Facebook pages are a wonderful place to learn about the class options, engage with other members and hear more about the lifestyle, as well as meet the trainers and scroll through some of the videos and posts that will no doubt capture your attention.

Free seven-day trials are available and should be done through the PTminder app, searching for Hype Gym and registering details, and this will allow people to get a taste of what the classes and structure are like.

Pay-as-you-go memberships are available for the more tentative members, while three, six or twelve-month options are just as viable. Indefinite direct debits can also be made through a range of payment options, but typically, after just one class, there is a high chance subsequent classes will follow.

With so much on offer from the team and the community behind Hype Gym, there is always room for more people. If it is your first time considering a gym and you’re not sure what you want out of it, with welcoming and supportive trainers that will work with you every step of the way, this is the place to train.

If you’ve been gymming for years but want a bit more of a challenge in a high-paced, personalised facility, look no further than Hype. As the classes are structured around minimal rest intervals, there is absolutely no toxic shaming – while calories are often reached through dancing and laughing – it is unique in that you’re participating for yourself, and not competing against others.

Lou, Ed and Beck have put their all into making a gym that is accessible for all ages, all fitness abilities, and they dedicate themselves to each and every individual that steps into Hype. With another unique outside “Retreat” scheduled for mid-February, there is always something happening, so prepare to turn your life around and reap the rewards of a community like no other.


Copyright © Will Boddy 2021

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