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15 May 2019

Scientists Develop Revolutionary New Energy Capture Set to Brighten the World

AlternatEnergy™ scientists have made a successful breakthrough in developing the worlds most efficient solar energy capture technology. Generating four times as much energy as any solar device on the market today, Solid Solar™ is set to revolutionise the production value of renewable resources, and massively reduce fossil fuel dependencies.

In the labs at AlternatEnergy™ in Clifton Beach, after rigorous testing by some of the leading experts in solar renewable energy, the discovery was made late last night. Lead scientist Dr Mervin McCrum was ecstatic when he and his team of seven experts who came upon on the great discovery.

“We’d been at it for several months. We knew we needed an alternative to the outdated solar energy resources we have today, and we took it upon ourselves, our dedicated little team, to crack it.”

“By harnessing the rare earth metals already used to manufacture panels of their kind, we were able to modify them, almost enhance them if you will, to hold more solar energy.”

“We never knew our research, or our final product would allow us to be able to capture four times more energy than the existing technology available today. It is something we at AlternatEnergy™ can be most proud of, and who knows, further down the track, we’ll make further advances in solar capture.”

Solid Solar™ will be released as a prototype in the coming months, following data gathered that will be used to assist in the mass production and earliest time to break into the market.

We at AlternatEnergy™ ask you to pay close attention to our product, contribute to our cause by supporting our research and donate at our website, and rejoice for a more effective way of capturing those solar rays.


Will Boddy

AlternateEnergy™ Head Office

0412 345 678

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