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The Observatory Bar Shutting Its Doors for The Last Time

Yes, that’s right folks, the signature Hobart nightclub Observatory Bar, known simply as Obar, is coming to a surprising close this weekend.

For a large portion of the local population, this may come as an enormous shock to the system, but after 12 years of slinging weak vodka raspberries and more Black Eyed Peas tracks you could poke a stick at, inevitably, all good things must come to an end…

May 31st will be the last Friday night Obar opens its doors to the public, offering a “Flashback Friday” event with all those Shannon Noll, Smash Mouth and probably Carly Rae Jepsen tracks the establishment is so famous for.

But it is “The Last Night” on Saturday, June 1st that will see the night club end on a glowed-up high, spruiking on their Facebook page as “the biggest Glow Party possible,” cocktail buckets throughout the night, even dedicated face painting.

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As the gutters of Hobart run with the tears of countless distraught clubbers who have called the place home over its many years, there is no need to worry; OBAR. IS. JUST. MOVING!

The original location at Level 1 Murray Street Pier is indeed closing down, but the memories of getting that important ‘Obar bunny shot,’ yelling at people from atop the smoker’s area and having a D’n’M with someone on the faux-leather couches, will always remain at the top of those treacherous circular stairs.

Following an exclusive VIP event on Friday, June 7 – to which tickets can be obtained by attending this weekend’s events – “the new and improved Observatory Bar” will be open to the public at their new location: 11 Franklin Wharf.

That address may seem familiar, and like some kind of twisted nightmare, after the three or so years ISOBAR (yes, ISOBAR) has been closed, Obar will be sliding on in. Emerging atop the sacred grave of ISO, Obar will be reopening at the well-known and infamous address, right next door to Post Street Social.

With the end of the uni semester, the first day of winter and of course Obar’s big send-off party, is there any better excuse this weekend than to rustle up your closest mates, dust off those dancing shoes, gel the hair back, and lower your standards one last time?

Head on down to the Wharf any time after 9pm, pop into Obar for a laugh, and make it a night to remember. Or one to forget, it’s up to you.

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