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Aussie Esports Team Going Up Against Best in the World in Million-Dollar Championship Next Week

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The third annual Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege “Six Invitational 2019” will take place in Montreal, Canada from the 11th – 17th of February.

This tournament sees the sixteen best teams in the world battle it out in a four-team-four-group roster for the title of Year 3 Champion. Not only fame and glory await, but a share in the massive prize pool of over 1 million USD – which is still set to rise over the coming days.

The teams have earned the right through winning prestigious Pro League events, claiming various major titles or qualifying online, to thus play-off in arguably the biggest event in R6:S’s esports history.

As the game gains more traction within the esports realm, so too does individual support for local teams. So having an Australian team knock heads with the best Siege teams in the world makes it much more appealing to the audience here down under.

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FNATIC will represent Australia, headed by coach Jayden “Dizzle” Saunders, captain Etienne “Magnet” Rousseau, Jason “Lusty” Chen, Ethan “RizRaz” Wombwell, Matthew “Acez” McHenry and Daniel “NeophyteR” An.

They’ll be up against TEAM RECIPROCITY in their first group stage, and if successful, will take on the winner of FAZE CLAN and NINJAS IN PYJAMAS for a spot in the quarterfinals on the 15th.

In an interview with, FNATIC captain Magnet stated: “I believe that this will be one of the most competitive majors so far, where almost any team from any region can win.” He went on to thank many of their local fans and that the team “appreciate all the support from all over the world, and thrive on being the underdogs at all tournaments we play at.”

With only a few days wait until the event kicks off, Ubisoft will unveil content for their upcoming season, various behind the scenes footage in relation to the development and future of Siege, a much-anticipated look into new Australian operators, and a brand-new documentary aptly titled To Win It All: The Road to the Six Invitational.

You can watch every single match and broadcast at the Rainbow6 Twitch account. Hang in there, its nearly here!

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